Improving Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Profit : An Integrated Measurement and Management System

Опубликовано 15 декабря, 2008

cover image A Book in the University of Michigan Business School Series It's a simple equation: no customers equals no profits. So how can a company ensure that its customers enjoy a consistently satisfying experience? In this book, two experts from the University of Michigan Business School lay out a five-stage process that links all of the key measures of customer satisfaction with marketing strategy and product development to guarantee excellent customer service. Johnson and Gustafsson show managers how to break down the organizational barriers that defy great customer service and instead tie together their customer value chain to create a cohesive customer measurement and management system. So, if like most companies, yours has only a fleeting understanding of its relationship with its customers, this book offers the organizational know-how to make and keep them happy. MICHAEL D. JOHNSON is the D. Maynard Phelps Collegiate Professor of Business Administration at the University of Michigan Business School. He has published widely in leading professional journals and teaches in both the MBA and the executive education programs. ANDERS GUSTAFSSON is associate professor of business economics in the Service Research Center at the University of Karlstad, Sweden. He has consulted with Volvo and other companies and is the author of two books on customer satisfaction.
5.0 out of 5 stars The Subtitle Says It All...The Book Explains It All, by Robert Morris. April 21, 2001
This is one of several excellent volumes in the University of Michigan Business School Management Series in which the authors provide a cohesive, comprehensive, cost-effective customer measurement and management system which consists of five separate but related stages. Specifically, they explain:

? How to identify the system?s purpose and goals, deciding which customers to include and how to group them into natural segments that reflect their interests and purchasing patterns

? How to use qualitative research to build the ?lens of the customer?, a model of customer views of the products and services that you provide, customer satisfaction, and the loyalty and retention that result

? How to use the lens of the customer to build a customer survey to measure quality, satisfaction, and loyalty

? How to use the lens again in analyzing data from the customer survey, both to determine what could be done to improve customer satisfaction and to assess the probable effect of each potential improvement on bottom-line financial performance

? How to set priorities for quality improvement, using the information developed from the survey as background for business decisions, and then implement the decisions according to the priorities set by management

Whew! That?s a lot! Fortunately, Johnson and Gustafsson devote a separate chapter to each of the five stages of the process.. They also provide three valuable appendices: A mini-case study of the Ratorp Tire Company, the NACS Customer Satisfaction Survey, and a Data Analysis in Practice. If your organization needs to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and profit, here is an excellent source.


5.0 out of 5 stars A hands on book that you can put to action, by Seigyoung Auh. September 14, 2000
This is a great book for people who have always wanted to be actionable in analyzing customer satisfaction and loyalty data to make strategic decisions. The book provides concrete examples with real data to step you through in building satisfaction models that lead to bottom line performance. It is extremely well written for a broad range of audience from the novist to the experts. This book not only provides you with the necessary tools to run models but also explains in an easy to understand manner the underlying reasons and background as to how customer satisfaction and loyalty models should be approached. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who desires to have the ability to actually run customer satisfaction models and make intelligent interpretation and executive decisions.
5.0 out of 5 stars Solid- with a good step-by-step on survey design and implementation, by Louise McCauley. February 15, 2006
This book focuses on linking customers' needs with a company's processes to create the best customer experience possible. The book outlines a five-stage process to create this link and thereby improves customer satisfaction, loyalty and profit.

Stage 1: Identify the system's purpose and goals. Create a customer measurement and management system to analyze and understand the company's entire system for generating profit.
Stage 2: Utilizing qualitative research, a model of customer views of products and services offered customer satisfaction, and loyalty and retention. This stage shifts the focus from the company's perspective to the customer's perspective.
Stage 3: Design a customer survey using the lens of the customer created in Stage 2 to measure loyalty, quality, and satisfaction. Various survey formats are presented.
Stage 4: The survey results are analyzed utilizing advanced statistical methods to figure out what can be done to improve customer satisfaction and to assess the impact actions will have on revenue.
Stage 5: Based on the impact actions will have on the bottom line, priorities will be set to improve quality. This system will make a direct link between quality, loyalty, satisfaction, and profit. The system allows for the user to continually review and assess quality. 



Автор книги: Michael D. Johnson and Anders Gustafsson

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